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ATTENTION ALL JUNIORS: A Date for your Diary - Junior Championship Sunday 26 February 2017

The Isle of Man Junior Championship takes place on Sunday 26 February 2017 at St Johns. The Championship consists of two series of 30 shots, the first shot indoors on the 15 yard range, and the second shot outdoors on the 50 metre range. The competition starts at 11.00 a.m. with the 30 shot indoor series. There will then be a break fo a buffet lunch, after which will be the 30 shot outdoor series.

The Championship is open to all shooters aged 21 or under and is free to enter.

There will be prizes of Centre-X ammunition for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. First prize is 1000 rounds, Second prize 750 Rounds, 3rd prize 500 rounds and 4th prize 250 rounds.

21 February 2017

Ten athletes braved the wind and rain to meet at St John's to contest the RTD Stott handicap competition. The good-natured competition saw Port St Mary's Ashley Gardner claim victory, with Paul Perkins and Nick Brown of IOMSC Douglas taking second and third respectively. Full results can be found on the Results page.

13 February 2017

There were Division 1 wins for Laxey, Port St Mary and IOMSC Douglas in this week's round of matches. The journey over to Kirk Michael proved worthwhile for Laxey, who took victory by just one point. Kirk Michael managed a win in Division 2, thanks to having two shooters to Laxey's one.

In a Southern Derby, Port St Mary took wins in all three divisions, with strong scoring from everyone.

IOMSC Douglas were victorious over IOMSC Sandsiders, in spite of a magnificent first ever 100 from IOMSC Sandsiders' junior Matthew Roosen.

The full results of all the matches can be found on the Results Page.

A date for your diary - The Stott Trophy - Tuesday 21 February 2017.

The Stott is a handicap competition which is open to all shooters, and will be held at the Sinclair Range, St Johns.

Averages for each competitor will be taken from the best 5 of their last 6 league scores, and their handicap will be ¾ of the difference between that average and 100.

Each competitor will shoot 2 cards, with their handicap to be added to each score.

Range will open at 7 for a 7.30 start, £4 entry fee.

Please let Dave Humphrey know of intended entries beforehand, which might give him a chance to work out handicaps.

A plea for help!

As many of you in the shooting community may know if you follow Facebook, Kirk Michael Rifle Club are in need of help to fix the roof of their range. A crowdfunding initiative has been set up by Perryn Watson, Secretary of Kirk Michael Rifle Club, to try to raise some much needed money. If anyone is able to help, please see the club's Just Giving page at

6 February 2017

There was a narrow defeat for Laxey this week, in their match against Sulby. The tiny team from the Glen Gardens lost by just two points to the visitors who outnumbered them two to one.

IOMSC Douglas took a First Division win against visitors, Castletown, with a magnificent 490 - all of Mark Osborn, Nick Brown, Dave Humphrey, Tracey Skelton and Sam Jones shooting 98s. But it was superior numbers that ensured wins in Divisions 2 and 3 for the Southerners.

The Juggernaut that is Port St Mary rumbled on this week. 17 shooters turned out for the home team, to face down a determined eight from visiting IOMSC Sandsiders. Despite an excelent 99 from Matthew Roosen, the combination of talent and numbers meant wins for the home team in all three divisions.

Kirk Michael had this week's Bye.

Full results of all the divisional matches can be found on the Results Page.

30 January 2017

Regular league matches continued this week with wins in all divisions for Castletown, IOMSC Douglas and Sulby. Port St Mary had this week's Bye. Full results for all matches in all divisions can be found on the Results Page.

Scottish success for Kirk Michael

Although trailing in the current Isle of Man league matches, the 4-person Kirk Michael team consisting of Suzanne McKnight, Alex Trafford and Perryn and Colin Watson, are having a greater degree of success in the Postal League competition run by Scottish Target Shooting. The team have won three out of the four rounds shot so far, and currently sit third in the table for Division 3. The opposition in this division is strong, so the little village team are doing very well!

26 January 2017

Five women athletes competed for The Lady of Mann Trophy at Kirk Michael range, with ultimate victory going to Junior Lady Jackie Gardner of Port St Mary. The evening turned out to be quite an exciting one, when just after sighting in on the first card, Sharon Drysdale's butt plate collapsed! Undaunted, Sharon nevertheless completed the card, and repairs to the butt plate were effected with the able assistance of Derek Kermode, and a toolkit supplied by fellow shooter, Perryn Watson. The second card passed without incident for all on that detail! Full results can be found on the Result Page.

A date for your diaries - Lady of Mann Trophy - Thursday 26 January 2017

The Lady of Mann Trophy competition will take place at Kirk Michael range on Thursday 26 January 2017, with the event commencing at 19:30. This is a Handicap competition, open to all lady shooters in IOMRA affiliated teams. Entry if £4.00 per competitor, payable on the night.

23 January 2017

Matches were a little thin on the ground this week, with only two taking place. Laxey's match against Port St Mary has been postponed to a later date, and IOMSC Douglas had the Bye.

Kirk Michael travelled down to Castletown and the match saw the very welcome return to shooting of Tom Lord, who has been out of action due to injury for the last seven months. Tom's performance on the range was admirable, but even that, combined with a solid 97 from Perryn Watson wasn't enough to defeat the home side, who took wins in all three Divisions.

IOMSC Sandsiders played host to Sulby, but despite a superb 99 from Bill Jones and a 98 from Andy Traynor, Sulby proved the stronger side and claimed victory in all three Divisions, helped by sheer strength of numbers. Full results of the matches can be found on the Results Page.

The results of Laxey's rescheduled match with Port St Mary will be posted as soon as they are received.

16 January 2017

In a surprising turn of events, this week saw Port St Mary suffer its first Division 1 defeat of the season! Port's unbroken run of wins was halted by IOMSC Douglas, who beat the current league leaders by just two points. Port St Mary turned the tables in the other divisions, though, claiming victory in Division 2 by two points, and Division 3 by a significant margin thanks to strength of numbers.

In the other matches, Sulby claimed wins in all three Divisions agains Castletown, and Kirk Michael took a much-welcomed win over IOMSC Sandsiders in Division 1. Full results of all the matches in all Divisions can be found on the Results Page.

9 January 2017

Matches resumed this week following the Christmas break. IOMSC Sandsiders relax for another week, as they had this week's Bye. The new year saw Division 1 wins for IOMSC Douglas against Sulby, Laxey against Castletown and Port St Mary against Kirk Michael. IOMSC Douglas' Sharon Drysdale is the latest shooter to score the magic 100. Full results of all matches are on the Results Page.

19 December 2016

Wins this week for IOMSC Douglas against Kirk Michael, Port St Mary against Sulby and IOMSC Sandsiders against Laxey. Kirk Michael and Laxey were again significantly outnumbered, but put up brave performances, with Laxey's Gemma Kermode joining the 100 Club, and Kirk Michael's Alex Trafford scoring a sterling 98.

As usual, full results of all the matches can be found on the Results Page.

12 December 2016

Laxey's Harry Creevy joined the Double 100 club this week, scoring his second ton of the season in Laxey's win over visitors Kirk Michael.

Port St Mary continue to dominate the league with wins in all three divisions against Castletown.

IOMSC Douglas beat IOMSC Sandsiders in Divison 1, with the result going the other way in Divsion 2.

Full results of all the matches can be found on the Results Page.

28 November 2016

Kirk Michael finally broke the duck this week, taking their first win of the season, beating visitors Sulby by just two points in Division 1. Top scorers for Michael were Suzanne McKnight with a 99 and Perryn Watson with a 98. Sulby's charge was led by Peter Webb, who shot a solid 98, and the visitors claimed victory in Divisions 2 and 3.

The other Division 1 victories went to Castletown and IOMSC Douglas, with Mike Duncalf adding his name to the list of century scorers this week.

The full breakdown of all the scores can be found on the Results Page.

22 November 2016

There was a good turnout for the WS Cowin Trophy on Tuesday Night, with representatives from all the Island's teams taking part. Sulby's Fergus Coulter had a terrific evening, posting an impressive 100 in his first round, followed by two 98s and a 97. One would have thought such a sterling performance would be sufficient to claim the title, but Fergus was narrowly beaten in the Final by defending shooter, Nigel Christian. Both men scored 97, but a regauge gave the title to Nigel by a whisker, the final score being 96 to Coulter, 97 to Christian. The full breakdown of competitors and results can be found on the Results Page.

21 November 2016

Kirk Michael narrowly missed out on their first win of the season, losing to Castletown by just one point. The tiny Kirk Michael side put up a spirited fight with good, solid 97s from Illiam Christian and Perryn Watson, but they were marginally outgunned and seriously outnumbered by Castletown, who managed to complete across all three divisions and whose top scorer was Nigel Christian with a 99.

Port St Mary continued their unbeaten run so far, beating Laxey in Division 1 and taking Divisions 2 and 3 unchallenged.

IOMSC Douglas benefitted from the Bye this week, while their IOMSC counterparts, Sandsiders, were away to Sulby. Like Laxey and Kirk Michael, IOMSC Sandsiders are another league team struggling for members. Five brave souls made the journey north, only to be defeated by the numerically superior Sulby, who fielded teams for all three divisions.

Full results for each of these matches can be found on the Results Page.

Junior Championship returns for 2017

One of the keynote events to look forward to next year is the combined Junior Championship.

The brainchild of Tom Lord, the Junior Championship is a twist on the conventional Junior Championships run on the Island and is designed to try to coax some of the juniors who shoot indoors outside to try their hand at the Olympic 50m discipline. Previously, there have been two separate championships, one run over 15 yards during the winter and the other run during the summer months at 50 metres. Not only does this event combine both disciplines into a single event it is free to enter and there are prizes in the form of ammunition.

This event was a success when it was run for the first time in 2015 and again in 2016.

Tom is determined to make it a competition with something for everbody - those who shoot outdoors and those who predominantly shoot indoors.

Tom explains that the format of the competition is 30 shots indoors on the 15 yard range, followed by 30 shots outdoors on the 50m range, on the electronic targets at St Johns.

There will be an interval in between the two disciplines, with a buffet lunch laid on for the junior shooters. Entry is free of charge. Everything is laid on, all competitors have to do is turn up and shoot.

As far as prizes go there is 1000 rounds of ammunition for the winner, 750 rounds for the second prize, 500 for third and 4th place wins 250 rounds, making an impressive pile.

It is anticipated the competition will be staged on a Sunday in the third week in February

To listen to the Interview with Tom Lord, Click HERE

14 November 2016

Port St Mary continue their unbeaten run this season with wins in all divisions against IOMSC Douglas. IOMSC Sandsiders narrowly defeated Kirk Michael in Division 1. Bill Jones and Matthew Wernham were the top scorers for each side, both shooting impressive 98s. Castletown claimed victory in Divisions 1 and 3, with visitors Sulby taking Division 2.

7 November 2016

Once again, Port St Mary were the winners in all three divisions in their away match against the seriously outnumbered Kirk Michael team. Ashley Gardner was top-scorer for the visitors, coming straight from work to post a very respectable 99. Top score for the home team went to Perryn Watson, with a 97.

David Humphrey scored a perfect 100 for IOMSC Douglas but it wasn't enough to defeat a strong Sulby team, who took the Division 1 win by seven points.

There was strong scoring from both teams in the match between Castletown and Laxey, including 99s from Richard Arthur and Harry Creevy but it was Castletown who took the wins in Division 1 plus a win against the depleted Laxey in Division 2 for good measure.

Full results of all the matches can be found on the Results Page.

31 October 2016

Following the break for Half Term, the League matches continued this week with wins across all divisions for the strong Port St Mary teams, who played host to Sulby. IOMSC Douglas beat a spirited Kirk Michael Team in Divisions 1 and 2 and Laxey were victorious over IOMSC Sandsiders in Division 1. Full results of all the matches can be found on the Results Page.

24 October 2016

Seven Teams battled it out in the 101 Challenge Cup, and it was the ladies dominated, with victory going to the IOMSC Douglas team of Sharon Drysdale and Tracey Skelton who finished on an impressive 197, beating the Castletown team of Martin Moore and Richard Arthur by five points. Full results can be found on the Results Page.

17 October 2016

League matches continued this week with wins across all divisions for IOMSC Douglas against IOMSC Sandsiders, Port St Mary against Castletown and Laxey against Kirk Michael. Sulby had this week's Bye and Harry Creevy was the only competitor this week to score the coveted 100! Full results for all Divisions can be found on the Results page.

12 October 2016

The first matches of the season took place on 10 October, with Port St Mary hosting IOMSC Sandsiders, IOMSC Douglas hosting Castletown and Laxey hosting Sulby.

Kirk Michael had this week's Bye, but will shoot at home to Laxey on 17 October.

In Division 1 Port St Mary beat IOMSC Douglas, with the first 100 of the season going to Port's Derek Kermode. Sulby were victorious over Laxey, whilst IOMSC Douglas and Castletown split the points with a high-scoring draw.

Divisions 2 and 3 saw victories for Port St Mary, Castletown and Sulby. Full results for all three Divisions can be found on the Results page.

25 September 2016

The new indoor season starts on Monday 10 October 2016. Douglas play host to Castletown, Sulby journey east to Laxey and Port St Mary head up to St Johns to take on Sandsiders. Kirk Michael have the first Bye of the season. The full fixtures list for the 2016/2017 season can be found HERE.

2016 CSF(ED) Championships held in Wales 22nd to 25th September 2016

The Isle of Man was well-represented at this year's CSF(ED) Championships with competitors taking part in the 50m Prone, 3P, Air Rifle and Air Pistol events. The Island was also represented in 50m Pistol. The Manx contingent comprised:

Gemma Kermode (Prone, 3P and Air Rifle)
Rachel Glover (Prone and 3P)
Tracey Skelton (Prone and 3P)
Sharon Drysdale (Prone)
Michael Duncalf (Prone)
John Wood (Prone)
Gregg Hogg (Air Rifle)
Nathan Holden (Air Pistol and 50m Pistol)
Rachel Exon (Air Pistol)

Full details and results can be found on the Welsh Target Shooting Federation Website:

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